Chocolate almond birthday cake

Sometimes I'm pretty lost. Somehow, I was firmly convinced that I wrote the first blog entry on January 15, 2011. No idea what it has ridden me. When I looked again, I noticed with horror (oh, what, horror!) That I started on 10 January 2011, wuah. My poor little blog had its first birthday and I missed it. Instead, I have unsuspecting blogged a Pastarezept. Who cares what happened here in a year, I refer to my review of the year 2011 - I have reported in detail.

To make it somehow good again I'm going to buy a round of delicious chocolate almond cake for that.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, moey's kitchen!
But that's just a birthday exception, otherwise I'll do it I'm going on with healthy dishes.
I've been through a week without sugar consumption and what can I say - when I ate something sugary yesterday for the first time, it was just bloody. Far too sweetened and quite unfamiliar. How can that be until I do not salt for a week, as an absolute salt lover ?! Let's see when and if I am ready for this experiment.
There is now a full Schokodröhnung, so I do not bury my dear blog readers, but otherwise I'll go sugar-free on - interesting and unfamiliar experience so far.
Chocolate almond cake
for a 20 cm springform
For the cake:
120 g dark chocolate (60-80%)
120 g butter
3 eggs
120 g sugar
60 g peeled ground almonds
60 g flour
Grease for the mold
For the cast:
40g whole milk chocolate
30g butter
50ml cream
30g almond flakes
For the cake dough, melt the dark chocolate in pieces together with the butter in a bain-marie or simmer pot and allow to cool.
Whip up the eggs together with the sugar until the sugar has dissolved. Gradually stir in the chocolate-butter mixture and mix well.
Finally, add the almonds and the flour and carefully fold in.
Put the mixture in the well-greased springform pan and Bake at 180 ° C for about 20 minutes and allow to cool completely. The cake should not be too dry, rather than too late to get out of the oven.
For the casting melt the chocolate with the butter and cream in a water bath or simmer pot and spread the mixture on the cake.
Roast the almonds in a non-fat pan and pour them on top of the cream.
Leave the cake cold for several hours and let it warm for about 15 minutes before serving.