Creamy caramel with vanilla and Flor de Sal

Unfortunately, another week has gone by without me blogging. It's not even that I have no more recipes - on the contrary, I have even more, which is ready and can be verbloggt. I just can not do it, because I am very much on the way or am just so tired in the evening that I have no desire to sit down again to the PC. As a pardon, I once again have a particularly delicious Sunday delicacy in my luggage.

I've been wanting to make caramel sweets for quite some time now. Since I have not been in possession of a sugar thermometer, because I have considered this unnecessary frills, you can imagine the results so sure. From caramel sauce to caramel splinters, everything was (and delicious!) Just not soft caramel candy as I wanted.
After some time ago at Annie's Eats (one of my favorite blogs) but then about their vanilla bean caramels stumbled, i just had to imitate this. So I bought an appropriate sugar thermometer, which was not only cheap, but has also proven itself directly.
The result is exactly what I have imagined: soft, tasty creamy caramel, which vanilla and To give Flor de Sal an unbelievable taste experience:
I halved Annie's recipe and turned it into a metric system, but did not change much (except that I used Flor de Sal instead of Fleur de Sel again ...) It's just very harmonious. .
120 ml whipped cream
60 g butter
1 vanilla pod
3/4 Tl Flor de Sal (alternatively: Fleur de Sel)
170 g sugar
30 ml light corn syrup (alternatively: light syrup)
30 ml water
some flor de sal to sprinkle
some neutral cooking oil for greasing
A baking tin about 20 x 20 cm with baking paper (for safety's sake I took "3D-non-stick" from Toppits, because I was afraid that maybe something else would stick) and lay it out lightly.
In one Mix the whipped cream with the butter, the vanilla pulp and the remaining vanilla pod and the Flor de Sal and bring to a boil over medium heat.
Stir the mixture well until the butter is completely melted, then immediately from the heat
In a second small to medium saucepan, boil the sugar, syrup and water with constant stirring. Stir until the sugar has dissolved, then simmer over medium heat until no longer stirring until the mixture turns slightly golden. That takes about 5-7 minutes. From time to time, puff the pot.
Set the temperature to medium heat.
Remove the vanilla pod from the cream mixture and mix it slowly and gently (it bubbles heavily and is quite thick) hot) with constant stirring in the sugar mixture.Preview